There’s an app for that! due October 25, 2018

A thumb about to tap an app




The Brief

Your team will be designing a single-function “utility” app. Choose from one of the examples below of pick your own!

Example utility apps: weather, currency converter, reminders, activity tracker


Presentation (8 minutes)

Your presentation should answer the following questions:

  1. What did your research show you?
  2. What variations on your design did you explore?
  3. How were your design decisions connected to your research findings?
  4. How would a user operate your final design?
  5. What would you do differently next time?

Make sure to share the presentation equally amongst your teammates! (And watch out for smooth handoffs between speakers.)


For this prototype, you’ll stick to sketches on paper, but also take photos of your sketches to create a digital prototype using your choice of Invision or Marvel.

Note: We’ll mostly be using Invision in this class, so this might be a good opportunity to try out Marvel if you’re feeling comfy with the basics of Invision already. Whatever you decide, make sure to talk it over as a team.

Give feedback to your peers!